Exterior Painting

Scott Ellis painting offers comprehensive exterior painting treatment for your hardboard sided and wood trimmed home. Keeping your exterior painted with high quality paints using a trained professional painting team every 7-10 years will keep help preserve the outside of your house for years and years. In the event you have gone longer than the recommended time frame, be sure to check out our repairs section to find out what we can do for you. Before every home is painted, we will thoroughly clean all of the exterior surface area using fast acting and deep cleaning house washing agents to make sure the paint will form a strong bond as it is applied. All wood trim is scraped where paint has peeled or cracked and then bare wood is sanded and primed to further enhance the surface bonding. Open joints around doors, windows and butt joints in siding are a primary cause of wood rot. Each of these areas are caulked thoroughly to ensure that no damaging water penetration occurs. Not all caulk is created equal. Most of the time painters tend to use latex caulking which has a very poor performance rating against weather in exterior conditions. That is why Scott Ellis painting uses high quality ISO quad oil-based caulking to ensure a long-lasting caulk bead that will keep water out! Many of the homes in Chesterfield county have Masonite type siding. Masonite siding is well known for riding, sagging and in extreme conditions simply falling off a house. The reason for this is that the siding is basically fiberboard coated with a very high grade paper. This siding can last for years if it is properly painted hand-painted often. If the paint film is allowed to deteriorate to the point of allowing moisture penetration, this siding will fail quickly. Many of our customers have houses with this kind of siding. That is why we pay special attention to the joints and areas where there are nails and most importantly the bottom section of the siding known as the bead. Once the power washing, caulking, sanding, scraping, and priming are completed on every surface of the exterior, then it is time to paint. At Scott Ellis painting we always encourage customers to allow us 2 apply to thick coats of high-quality Sherwin-Williams Paint. This way we help the customer to have a paint job that should last them in the 7 to 10 year range. After the paint job is completed, our production team we’ll walk the homeowner around the house to make sure there are no touch ups or any other concerns prior to closing out the job. Every job at Scott Ellis painting is customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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