Scott Ellis Painting is a family owned and operated professional paint contracting company in the Richmond, Va area. Scott Ellis Painting is based in Chester and serves customers in the Chester, Chesterfield, Henrico and the surrounding Greater Richmond Area. Scott started the business in 2007 as a way to offer homeowners an option to receive high quality, affordable solutions for their painting project needs. In an industry littered with bad reputations and untrustworthy contractors, Scott Ellis Painting strives to be the kind of company homeowners are looking for to entrust with their projects. When asked, Scott will tell you, “As a company, we value your home as if it was our own. You can expect us to show up on time, do what we say we are going to do, and follow up with you when we say we will. We don’t always get it right but we always make it right!”

Since the humble beginnings in 2007 Scott Ellis Painting has completed over 1000 different painting projects. The homes in the Richmond, Va area have a wide variety of challenges. Some of the homes in our area are very old and require specialized treatment to bring them back to the beauty and luster demanded by their homeowners. Other more recently built homes have the type of building materials that are very susceptible to weather once the paint and caulking have broken down. The weather in central Virginia brings lots of damage causing moisture. This moisture can penetrate the outer layers of siding and trim causing wood rot. Some paint companies will try to use fillers, caulking and other methods for temporarily hiding this type of damage. However, once moisture has penetrated, mold and bacteria will begin to grow. The damage from mold and bacteria is very near impossible to stop once it has a foothold in your house.

For this reason, Scott Ellis Painting is equipped to handle external trim, window, door, siding, soffit and fascia repair. After the repairs, each home that is exterior painted is carefully power washed so that every surface is cleaned properly to promote the adhesion of the top coats of paint. On the interior, Scott Ellis Painting sands every surface, makes sure that trim is properly caulked, nail holes are filled and then applies thick coats of Sherwin Williams top quality wall and trim coatings. At Scott Ellis Painting, every painter, sales person, or manager who works for us understands our commitment to quality and how much we value our reputation. Like Scott says to every customer that entrusts their painting project to us…”My name is on the line, because my name is on the sign!”


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